Cherry Lemonade

A founding member of Curbside Queens and all-around performance powerhouse, Cherry Lemonade (She/her) holds down the role of Creative Director as well as being a featured performer. Her tenacity has earned her high accolades throughout her 12-year career, and she shows no signs of slowing down. Crowned Miss Blackstones in 2019 and Mx Quarantine 2020, as well as half a dozen Phoenix and Old Port Best Of Awards for Best Drag Personality, Cherry’s can-do attitude has brought her all over the country and back, seeing her billed in New Orleans, an Upper West Side residency in NYC, and the legendary Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles. When not in drag, Cherry’s boy counterpart loves dominating at trivia night, an ice-cold coconut La Croix, and his trusty XBOX for some Mortal Kombat.