Miss Spreada LaJoy

Miss Spreada LaJoy aka The Thomas Smallwood has lived in Maine for 20 years and has been doing drag in Portland for about 12 of those years. She has performed countless shows at Blackstones, hosted her own show at Portland City Music Hall, worked with EqualityMaine, and with her fellow drag sisters GiGi Gabor and Cherry Lemonade at some Curbside Queens shows. She has performed on many stages in the area in shows like Naked Boys Singing, The Full Monty, HAIR, RAGTIME The Musical, Rent, and  Shrek The Musical. She sings with The Maine Gay Mens Chorus and is currently a sitting board member. Most recently she delivered a multi-award winning performance in the movie “Kings & Queens, as Eric, the sassy fairy Dragmother.

She is a broadway baby at heart, but loves all of her DIVAS! TT, AF, WH, EJ, PL, NC, to hint at a few. 

She went to college in Pittsburgh, studying Music Theater. Spreada was a nanny for 18 years, currently works as the FOH manager at Lazzari, and you may occasionally see her slinging drinks at Blackstones.